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About us

Goodshift is an early stage investment fund for positively focused startups. We support and develop ideas that align good business with postive social outcomes.

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Our team

GoodShift is a team of startup professionals supported by a network of industry leading mentors and experts in residence.

Simon Anquetil

Simon Anquetil

Executive Chairman

Simon Anquetil has over 20 years’ of experience in building businesses: both theoretical knowledge through academic pursuits through...

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Simon Anquetil has over 20 years’ of experience in building businesses: both theoretical knowledge through academic pursuits through to personal commercial experience – particularly in the Technology and Online space.

Simon has a particularly strong interest and expertise in fem-tech and the crucial role of women in the tech industry. He is a regular speaker at conferences and events on female entrepreneurship.

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Startups, by their very nature, represent enourmous potential for impact both as a business venture and for the evolution of ideas. The importance of social responsibility in modern business practice is well understood, but if you want it to be genuine it has be more than just a bolt-on initiative – it has to be embedded in the core of what you do. This is why we created GoodShift; to evolve positively focused ideas into businesses with great capacity for positive impact.

Our team of entrepreneurs-in-residence are serial entrepreneurs who now work with the startups at GoodShift to offer advice, support and mentorship based on lessons learnt in their respective fields.

Our mentors have varied experience across many roles within the startup lifecycle and ecosystem. Their advice will help fill the gaps in your launch and growth strategy.

Hans van Gent

Hans van Gent,

Client Service Director
of Digital

Havas Worldwide

Sami Viitamäki

Sami Viitamäki,

Executive Digital

Havas New York

Vidar Andersen

Vidar Andersen,

Innovation and Digital

Andersen & Associates

Ashran Dato' Ghazi

Ashran Dato' Ghazi,

Chief Executive


Shannon Kalayanamitr

Shannon Kalayanamitr,

Co-Founder & Chief
Marketing Officer


Fadi Bishara

Fadi Bishara,

Founder & CEO


Shauna Causey

Shauna Causey,

Tech Startup VP


Our shared services team are dedicated to delivering your product to the market quickly, efficiently, and beautifully.

Damon Birrell

Damon Birrell

Director of Communications
ziggy cheng

Ziggy Cheng

Head of Operations
Andre Malmberg

Andre Malmberg

Head of Design
Kevin Coelho

Kevin Coelho

Angie Crosland

Angie Crosland

Executive Assistant to Simon Anquetil


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28 April, 2017
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11 May, 2017
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15 - 16 May, 2017
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The Next Web
18 - 19 May, 2017
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31 May, 2017
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E27 Asia Summit
28 - 29 June, 2017
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